THE Fastest way to learn Pronunciation!!!

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Every language in the world uses an alphabet (English, Spanish, French) or a collection of characters (Arabic, Chinese, Greek)  for writing and reading.

Many languages are pronounced the way they are written – the alphabet or character is always pronounced the same.  These languages are called phonetic languages.

Some  languages are not phonetic because the written alphabet or character may have many different sounds.  For example, the letters ‘ch‘ in English have three different sounds and can also be silent.

If you are a native English speaker or a student of English read and say the following English words:  children, chaos, Chicago, yacht   = three completely different sounds and one silent (yacht)    The letter ‘a’ in English has seven different sounds!  This make pronunciation extremely difficult for learners of English.  There are 26 letters in the English alphabet but there are 45 sounds in English (52 in American English)

The best way to learn English pronunciation is to learn the phonetic symbols and their sounds that are used in English

Phonetic symbols  are internationally recognised characters representing a unique spoken sound (phoneme).  Every sound in every language has its own set or collection of these phonetic symbols.  Many languages have common or similar sounds and most languages also have some of their own unique sounds.  The combination of sounds are used to make words and these words make each language unique to or have some similar sounds with other languages.

A good dictionary will have the IPA, international phonetic alphabet included so that you can read the sounds as well as the letters.

The letters of the alphabet help you to read and write English.

The IPA phonetic symbols help you to pronounce English.

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2 Comments → “THE Fastest way to learn Pronunciation!!!”

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    Thank you Amari. I will be posting more soon 🙂

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    I find this very interesting and i’m really interested in.

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